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March 17, 2016

The Schumer template was updated in April 2017. If you have purchased the Schumer template before April 4th, 2017, you can contact me for the new version.

Welcome to the Schumer template! Schumer is a responsive minimalist template for the Blogger ( platform ONLY - this means that it will NOT work on other platforms, like WordPress, Squarespace, tumblr, etc.

Schumer's features:
  1. Responsive three level-menu - now you can add subpages to your subpages! See "The Blogger" tab as an example.
  2. Social icons (menu + sidebar).
  3. Customized header text + tagline.
  4. Automatic posts slider (can display recent or featured posts + can be content-width or full-width).
  5. Customized post area ("read more" link is NOT automatic).
  6. Custom related posts thumbnails on every post page (if you don't add labels to your posts, the related posts widget wont work).
  7. Customized widget titles and widgets, incl: customized subscribe, popular posts & featured post widgets and custom "about me" section, social icons, instagram and search widgets.
  8. New grid-style label pages + a "load more posts" button (see here).

Schumer also has a customized blockquote:
This is what it will look like!
Some important information:
  • The template is NOT compatible with Blogger's Advanced Settings. It can only be edited via CSS.
  • The images and text are not sold with the template.
  • The related posts widget requires labels to work; if you don't add labels, no related posts will be visible.
  • Some of the widgets' HTML has been edited, so if you remove it and re-add it, they might not look like the ones from the demo. If this happens, contact me and I'll fix it.

The template can be used on maximum two (2) blogs, as long as both are owned by the person who has purchased the template. Please keep in mind that removing the credits without permission and without purchasing the shop credit removal add-on is against the shop's policies. If you have edited the template by yourself, however, you can add "edited by [x]" next to credits.

We Are More Than Appearance

March 9, 2016 New York, NY, USA

Scroll down to see the customized jump break (read more) button (not automatic).
This is Schumer's blockquote style.

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